Visit the village of Aigües. Holiday lettings in Alicante.

Visit the village of Aigües and change your lifestyle. More relax and all the amenities in our holiday lettings in Alicante.

Aigües is a village of 937 inhabitants in the region of l’Alacantí, located 342m above the sea level on the easter side of the Sierra de Cabeçó. The village of Aigües, very close to the sea, is one of those unique places between the sea and the mountain. In its subsoil we can find a jurassic aquifer system of the same name. Its uniqueness makes it an ideal place to enjoy your holiday lettings in Alicante.

The history and life in Aigües are linked to the existance of the medicinal water deposits. In the nineteenth century a spa was built for the young gentleman, aristocratic and bourgeoise classes of the region who used to enjoy the medicinal water deposits of the municipality. The village offers a great pine forest located in the Cabeçó d’Or. In this place we can find the ancient source of the Cogolla.

Aigües is a place with desirable views of the Costa Blanca. On the one hand, it has the benefits of rural tourism, like the relax. On the other hand, its convenient proximity to cities like Benidorm and Alicante.

Have a walk through the streets of the village of Aigües, enjoy the holiday lettings in Alicante.

Within the urban centre of this characteristic Mediterranean village we can find a Christian tower. Among its streets we can see colourful houses and the old laundromat. At the entrance of the village we can find a picnic area. Furthermore, we can make barbecues or paellas there with our families, it also has a public toilet. Despite being a village, Aigües has parks, a supermarket, bars and all the amenities. It’s time to visit the village of Aigües. Eleven Suite brings you closer to this earthly paradise through its services about holiday lettings in Alicante. Welcome to paradise.