Company offering services in Aigües - Holiday lettings in Alicante services Costa Blanca

We offer every kind of services in Aigües.

Our services in Aigües, in Residencial El Paraíso, are not only limited to holiday lettings in Alicante and the sale of properties. We continue alongside our clients, offering them personalized attention, ensuring peace of mind. We are always next to our clients to make their life easier.

To this end, we have a full staff of professionals who will take care of everything necessary for their welfare. Either for holiday lettings in Alicante or post-sales services in Residencial El Paraíso, in Aigües.

Once our client has found the right property according to their tastes and needs, we will continue together to convert the house into a real home. We always have our customers and their families in mind, so we like accompanying them and helping them on a daily basis. Therefore, we make sure that their life in Residencial El Paraíso, in Aigües, is completely happy and pleasant either in a holiday lettings or in a after-sales house.

Holiday lettings in Alicante. Services:

Organization of trips. With family or friends.

Meal delivery services. The best celebration you can imagine without leaving home.

Transport to the airport, beach, or nearby cities.

Ticket purchaising. For the theatre, concerts, theme parks or any leisure activity.

Cleaning. Your property is in perfect condition upon arrival

After-sales services in Aigües

Maintenance. Our staff shall keep your home and your pool always ready.

Gardening. Your garden and your plants will always be perfectly maintained.

Security. Alarm systems installations.

Document management. Registration in town hall for taxes, etc.

Residence registration in Spain, if applicable.

Supply contract. Subscription and renovation of water, electricity, telephone, etc.

Insurance settlement.

Remodelling. We handle remodelling project management, permits, relationship with architects, etc.

Interior decoration. We help with shopping and designs.

Translation and sworn translation services.

Banks, direct debits.

Lastly, if you need after-sales services in Aiguües or holiday lettings in Alicante, contact Eleven Suite, a company in charge of turning this part of the Costa Blanca into a eathly paradise.