Luxury holidays in Alicante - Spa preventorium of Aigües de Busot

Before the Costa Blanca tourist brand was invented, Alicante already had a place where you could enjoy luxury holidays in Alicante.

Luxury holidays in the 19th century

Aigües is a destination linked to luxury holidays since the modern concept of tourism was invented.

The Count of Casa Rojas built in 1816 a luxury spa where the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie could spend their holidays in. Apart from the tourism in the province, the railway to Madrid favoured that Aigües positioned itself as a destination for the upper class of the Spanish capital.

This spa had certainly all the best services: personal attention, the best cuisine, cleaning, leisure… It was an ideal place to disconnect from the world, relax and socialise. Miramar was the name of this hotel-spa, meaning something like “looking at the sea”, due to its sea views from the mountain. The very king Alfonso XIII and the queen Victoria Eugenie came to this place to enjoy the baths. The water of this village has healing properties thanks to the minerals in the mountain Cabeçó d’Or.

After the closing of this spa, the building became a preventorium for patients infected with tuberculosis, who recovered thanks to the clean air of Aigües. Nowadays this building is in ruins.

Read more about the luxury past of the spa in Aigües in the following blog.

Until well into the 21st century, Aigües has declined as a tourist destination. Although Eleven Suite is currently intending to position the village again as a top destination.

On the one hand, it offers its excellent facilities for holiday lettings in Alicante. On the other hand, it offers the environment of this locality, which is unique by its nature, its location and its friendly inhabitants.

Luxury holidays in the 21st century

At present, the concept of luxury holidays has developed as much as our society. That’s why Eleven Suite is inspired in the luxury past of Aigües to offer you the best holiday lettings in Alicante. This new way of spending the holidays is more intimate than the old spa.

Nowadays, instead of having a big swimming pool, communal terraces and gardens, it’s preferred to have private terrace, garden and swimming pool. Thus, the privacy is ensured, both for the family in the house and for the group of friends who come to enjoy the tourism in Aigües. Apart from looking for more privacy, the tourism in the 21st century is more active and it implies excursions, sports, culture and leisure. Eleven Suite team can organise any activity.

At the moment, the connection with the village is way better. Thanks to a wide road with open curves which direct us to the motorway A7 in 5 minutes.

Luxury holidays at an affordable price

Take advantage of the offers of Eleven Suite to live the luxury holidays you deserve with your family or group of friends. All amenities of rural tourism near the beach and the city. A unique environment in a privileged area of Costa Blanca.

house holiday lettings in Aigües de Busot

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